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Nestled in two valleys north of the San Rafael Canal and east of downtown, the Montecito Area (Happy Valley) is one of San Rafael's oldest neighborhoods, offering a variety of housing, businesses, and community services. We are located next to San Francisco Bay on San San Pablo Bay and the San Rafael Creek. 
Our neighborhood features a beautiful natural setting, elegant historic homes, a location convenient to retail shops and service providers, and a diversity of activity and community.  Schools, jobs, and transit are all within short walking distance.
As a MARA member you can have a direct hand in many aspects of our neighborhood's present and future.  Be sure to sign up now if you haven't already.  Annual membership is only $16 a year per person, $11 for seniors, or $26 for business membership. It's a wonderful way to get involved, meet your neighbors and learn about local history and events.
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Montecito Area Residents Association. To see more pictures click here.

Mission statement:

The Montecito Area Residents Association (MARA) is a volunteer organization that interfaces with City Departments and works with its wonderfully diverse community to keep our historic neighborhood safe and attractive.


Vision statement:

Montecito-Happy Valley, the second-oldest neighborhood in San Rafael, is a beautiful area with diverse architecture, pleasant shaded streets, community gathering places, and a variety of uses within walking distance. The Montecito Area Residents Association (MARA) is a volunteer organization of neighbors who work with residents and interface with City Departments to preserve our historic character, keep the neighborhood secure, clean, safe, and attractive, and to celebrate Montecito’s success as a strong and welcoming community.

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