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Blossoms for Irwin Street

This second “triangle” project of MARA's was conceived when an Irwin Street member of MARA attended a board meeting and requested help to beautify an open space across from her home. The land had been donated to the City by the adjacent property owner some years earlier and had become weedy and strewn with trash. Cory Bytof, the City’s volunteer coordinator and organizer of the citywide Beautification Week, arranged for the parks department to place a picnic table on the site and supplied coffee and cookies for the workers—as well as grabbing a hoe, too, to give the crew a place to set some of the more than 1,000 spring bulbs planted that first weekend. On a rainy Saturday in October the job was completed. More volunteers moved the picnic table to a shadier spot and planted 500 fall bulbs. By spring the area will be a pleasant corner to come for lunch and enjoy a profusion of blossoms.

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